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Flea Products

Your dog or cat can't make it across the yard without sitting down to engage in a scratching session. The poor creature is gnawing at his or her tail and back, and you know that flea season is in full swing.


Flea Treatment

Do you feel yourself wincing in sympathy whenever your beloved cat or dog starts scratching and gnawing at his or her skin in response to a flea allergy? Are you at your wits' end about how to provide your pet with relief from those excruciating.


Advantage Flea

When pets become part of the family, they bring happiness, joy and fun – however, in many cases, they also bring fleas. These parasites are not just uncomfortable for pets, but they are a menace for pet owners.


Dog Tick

Ticks are external parasites that live of the blood of mammals, birds and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and tick-born meningoencephalitis. Ticks can be recognized as they are usually eight legged.


Flea Control Advantage

Advantage forms part of the Bayer HealthCare division and has launched their effective flea prevention ten years ago. Up until to date, millions of loving dog owners use the Advantage product range to keep the less welcomed visitors away from their animals and homes.


Flea Dog

The dog owners living nightmare is surely the battle against the fleas. Your are bathing and dipping your flea dog, applying various treatments but nothing seems to help? Where are you going wrong.


Flea For Dogs

Fleas can be the most irritating parasites for dogs. They bite dogs, people and cause an itchy sensation and in severe cases even pain. Fleas not only cause extreme discomfort for dogs but they can also cause disease.


Frontline Cats

fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance. Ticks can lead to paralysis and death in your pets and and fleas can cause irritation through bites which become itchy and perhaps even infected if scratched.


Frontline Dogs

At No More Fleas Please we understand that you want a safe, effective and affordable treatment for fleas. No one enjoys seeing their pets suffer with the irritation of flea bites and we also know that you do not want your home infested with these parasites either.


Frontline Flea

You pet is precious to you and you want to do everything you can to keep him safe and healthy. To do that, you have to use the most effective products you can get to keep him safe from fleas.


Frontline For Dogs

If you normally use Frontline for dogs to keep your dog free of fleas, then you know how well it works and how expensive it can be. If you have more than one dog, the price tag can really go up.


Frontline Plus Cats

Is your cat grumpier than usual because she is always being bothered by fleas? Do you find her always scratching trying to find relief from the painful fleas? Are you also finding fleas in your living space because your cat has carried them there.


K9 Advantix

Is your dog tired of the constant itching and scratching? Tired of being bothered by the ticks, the fleas and the mosquitoes? If he could talk to you, would he be shouting, “No more fleas please!


Kill Fleas

Kill fleas is the desire of any pet-owner, especially those whose dog or cat seems to be scratching at these pesky parasites all the time. No More Fleas Please offers the widest range of products designed specifically to kill fleas as well as ticks.


Pet Medication

Are you on a quest for the very best pet medication at the very best prices? Well, you have landed at the right place with No More Fleas Please. Not only have you found the place for all your pet medication needs.


Rawhide Chews

Your dog is an important member of your family and just like humans dogs enjoy the occasional treat. But do choose healthy and natural treats for your dog like rawhide chews.


Rawhide Dog Bones

No More Fleas Please is an online site that helps you save money by buying pet care items in bulk. They have developed kits to help owners of cats and of dogs up to 44 pounds get their favorite medications for their pets without having to pay the regular.


Rawhide Dog

Dog rawhide is a hide or animal skin that has not yet been exposed to tanning, the process of making leather. Usually dog rawhide is made of the skin from a buffalo, elk, cattle or deer and is developed into a hard.


Rawhide Treats

You love your pet and you want to give him the best of everything. The trouble is, sometimes it can be a little expensive to get it all. At No More Fleas Please, you can find the flea medications you trust to treat your pet at a cheaper price.


Frontline Plus For Dogs

Is your dog always scratching and biting himself? Is he constantly annoyed and bothered by the fleas that are torturing him?




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